Giving up cheese…

Some days we lose big. Other days, it’s small.

After my Whole30 last January my skin cleared up beautifully. So all year, I clung to my yogurt for breakfast, cream in my tea, and cheese on everything and especially with the wine. Red Wine and cheese were my top priorities to add back after Whole30 ended.

More than chocolate. More than coffee.

After ten more months of denial, reality forced an agreement. My complexion bubbled up as an itchy mess for most of 2016. A week ago, I eliminated dairy: Cheese, sour cream, and yogurt and the heavy whipping cream in my coffee and tea. I already avoid gluten due to celiac disease. Ouch.

Regrettably it worked.

Let’s have a moment of silence here to honor the pain-level inflicted by this self-denial.

And please join me in substitution mode. Bring on the guacamole, the nut-butters, and the sliced meats. I need a snack now!

Human nature leans toward an interesting irony. Someone dies, life changes, and we lose really BIG. Without fail, heroism rises up strong and there’s GRACE sufficient for a major loss. Take away the little things… the small pleasures. We feel such things more keenly.

Just look at the book of Jonah. A story of life and death for many, and the one. But it ends with the plant. The worm.

Anyway… life’s insisting on major adjustments. I’ll talk back later when I’ve figured it out.img_2523

What’s a small discomfort today? Does self-denial prick at you right now? Talk back in the comments if you like.




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