A loss of trust…

So they’ve broken my trust. 

I operate  responsibly as a trusted member of several communities. I’ve been successfully involved in the highest levels of leadership, both in the workplace and in the church. I’m capable of serious discretion when its called for.

A caricature of christianity insists we ‘trust’ everyone. 

Authoritarianism divides loyalty and trust between leaders and followers. Leaders deserve implicit trust and are given plenty of reassuring information to work with. Followers prove themselves far more torturously, and with very little help making sense of anything. 

Some want us to treat everyone as if they’re trustworthy until officially deemed not. This sounds very American. Innocent until proven guilty. 

So we live on a continuum with people who we trust more or less… depending. And this may be wise.

If I’m honest, I know I’m sinful. And if I sin, obviously sometimes you cannot trust me. 

In our quest to be ‘wise as serpents, but harmless as doves’ we make mistakes. We shut out people who desperately NEED our confidence. We open our mouths to those who exploit us. If we’re paranoid or suspicious we withhold burden-lifting information others need to carry our sin. They fail. This muliplies mistrust on all sides. And it’s our own doing. Not theirs. 

Spending trust on others only builds trust. It’s better to invest others with information. This breeds initiative. 
Some must be handled with care. but God mandates expensive trust in a world of sinners. He deserves this. When we trust others, even the untrustworthy, we trust God himself. The God of Joseph, and Daniel, and Jesus, and Paul. 
And if I hide myself … I deny God. Simple





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