Some things I did not choose

I never asked to live in Oklahoma.

I never asked to stay put, either. 

I never asked for two complicated children.

I never asked for an exceptional marriage.

I never asked for PTSD.


I never chose to join a cult.

I never chose life on a battlefield. 

I never chose the power to hurt others.

I never chose a trashed reputation

I never chose avoidance and insults. 

I never chose severe isolation


I miss our partnership. 

I miss my friends. 

I miss my family.

I miss feeling safe.


I used to rest. 

I used to laugh.

I used to sing.

I used to please people.

I used to feel valued.

I used to warrant respect.

I used to speak freely

I used to love openly, honestly.

I used to live surrounded by forgiveness. 

I used to count on friends.

I used to hold a purpose.

I used to know where I was headed.

I used to decide. 

I used to enjoy life with kids.

I used to revel in marriage.

I used to host all kinds of people.

I used to feel satisfied I’d done some good now and then.


I did not choose to tangle with depression.

I did not choose neglect.


I gradually quit thinking.

I gradually quit growing.

I gradually quit loving life. 


I hate living within a battlefield.

I hate parenting in loneliness.

I hate misogyny, and chauvinism.

I hate denying myself food.

I hate anonymity.


I buried my gifts.

I buried my reputation. 

I buried a child.



I buried myself.








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