Hot Mess Express-Natalie Greenfield

I’ve lived with PTSD too. I love this lady, Natalie. I admire her courage, and she speaks here for me. Sometimes I wade through a hard season and barely come through with my soul intact. Then I remember how ordinary daily steadfastness counts as quiet victory. 

‘ I’ve really missed blogging. It’s been a while. I’ve started and stopped several posts in the last three months. Life has been chaotic in too many different ways to list here, and I’ve learned to recognize when I need to take a step back. Or when my mind is such a tornado of thoughts that nothing useful would likely come from blogging anyway. I can feel that season coming to a close and I’ll have more to say soon. Life is nearly kind enough to let this be regular again; to let me be my normal, overly-communicative, super vulnerable self. ‘

Read more here:

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